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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Operation Debt Reduction ~ Part 1b

So I've been doing some math and here is the final break down of my debt:


Wells Fargo Credit Card ~ $5,000
  ~ I am going to be able to pay this one off shortly, hopefully.  I have a check from my car insurance
     company for almost $3700 and my dad is going to lend me the remaining balance to be completely 
     done with this card.  Well, I will be done with this card because I've already cut it up.

Old Navy Credit Card ~ $484.00
 ~I already pay more than the minimum on this one.  I just don't have a firm plan as to how or when this one will be paid off.

Target Credit Card ~ $1500
 ~Another one that I pay more than the minimum on.  Again, another one I just don't have a firm plan of attack for.

Maurices Credit Card ~ $1200
~Yet another card that I pay more than the minimum on and have no real firm plan of attack for.

Total Credit Card Debt: $8184


Bank of Dad ~ $1500
 ~Approximately another $1400 will be added to this number when I pay off the Wells Fargo Credit card.

Bank of Mom ~ $200
~Money my mom lent me to help pay for putting brakes on my car.

Total Misc. Debt: $1700

Combined Debt Total as of July 24, 2011: $9884

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